Your wedding should be one of the happiest events of your life, but it can easily be ruined by unruly guests, thieves or anyone seeking to cause you harm. Here are 5 reasons that many brides and grooms choose to hire security for their weddings. 

1. Requirement of the Venue

Some wedding venues require you to hire security. They will usually offer to provide that service or give you a list of security companies they prefer. People who work at wedding venues understand the need for security, and requiring it means that they are interested in helping you have a wedding without incident. 

2. Keep Valuables Safe

Brides and grooms often hire one or more security guards to keep valuables safe at the wedding reception. A security guard will watch over the gift table and money box as well as keep an eye on guests' purses and personal items when they get up to dance and enjoy themselves. 

People often wear their nicest jewelry and coats to a formal wedding, and a security guard can help make sure these valuables are protected as well. 

3. Refuse Unwelcome Guests

There are people who crash weddings with the intent to steal or simply get free food and drinks. You can avoid this problem by hiring a security guard. Ask a friend or family member to check guests in at your reception. If a guest is not on the list, your friend should simply ask them to leave. If they refuse, your security guard will step in to help. 

You may also find yourself in the unfortunate situation of expecting a guest or two you do not want to attend your wedding. Give security a picture of your ex or your in-laws or any people you do not want at your wedding, and the security guard will make sure they do not enter the venue. 

4. Parking Lot Protection

If you are having an evening wedding in a large city or location where some of your guests may feel unsafe, you can hire security to walk your guests to their cars or transportation when they leave the reception. 

Hiring security is one way to reduce your tension on your wedding day. With trusted security in place, you are free to concentrate on enjoying your special day.

To learn more about hiring a security guard, makek an appointment with a palisade group security service to learn more.